Saturday, January 22, 2011

QuiltStory's Block Party Contest

I think I'm going to try something new. I need some inspiration to start creating things and I really would like to start making more quilts. I read a ton of quilting/sewing blogs and I am in awe of all the wonderfully creative, crafty and inspirational people there are out there. So I'm going to attempt to make some quilt blocks. Fun & funky ones. Creative ones. And if I can win some prizes along the way, then more power to me! I just want to make things. And maybe this is the motivation that I need.
QuiltStory's Block Party Contest
Wish me luck and creativity!

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  1. Missie, I'm so glad you posted about it! :) I saw the question you posted with Twin Fibers so I thought I'd answer you here :) Basically you can enter up to 3 blocks...any category you want! Best of luck...let us know if you have any questions.