Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow! I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since my last post. Sheesh! I'm a slacker. I have been quite busy with the holiday season, making lots of things, and getting a new job. As I type this (at work...) I have many ideas running through my head and lots of little people to make things for. Hopefully I will find the time to sew in the new year between my kids, my husband, my job, and my life. See you in 2011!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finished Moda Mix Quilt (and a little frustration)

It's. Finally. Done.The Moda Mix Quilt is now on my bed and feels nice and warm and snuggly. Last weekend I was able to machine quilt it on a longarm owned by a friend. We had 2 evenings of machine failure and finally on Saturday it worked! I quilted it in a Funky Feathers design. I love it!
Yesterday I put on the binding, by machine, for the first time ever. I have done hand binding once and hated it (tendonitis - ouch!). I found a tutorial on machine binding here at Red Pepper Quilts and after a few mishaps and lack of perfection it's done. Again, it's not perfect, but it's mine and I am so happy!

On a side note, I finally won a blog contest. However, due to my intense sewing in the past week I failed to check back on the blog that was hosting the contest. Needless to say, I lost out on some great free fabric. Grrrrr......

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Christmas Quilt

Last Christmas I started a Christmas quilt for my mom (and dad). I spent December 23rd cutting squares and rectangles and strips and sewing them together into this quilt top.

I was able to give it to them on Christmas Eve, however I had to take it back, as it was just a top: no batting, no backing, no quilt.

Fast forward to yesterday, September 23rd- 9 months later. I have been working on many small, quick projects as of late. I realized that, since it was the first full day of fall, maybe my mom would want her quilt soon. After a brief discussion, she decided that she wanted it be a duvet cover for an older quilt that is starting to wear thin. I think the reason I have been putting it off is because I know I can't machine quilt a queen-size quilt on Diva (my Singer with a wicked attitude).

So, I started piecing together the remaining fabric left over from the front to make the back. I did have to run out to JoAnn's for a little extra, but I got it done. Today I sewed the front & back together and did a quick straight stitch all around. I also added a strip of Velcro to the bottom so that the old quilt doesn't fall out. ;)

Phew! It's done! And tomorrow, as we celebrate my son's 6th birthday, my mom (and dad) will finally be in possession of the Christmas (Duvet) Quilt. Yay!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Matching Bag

Some women dream of owning a Coach bag. Many women make that dream a reality. (My friend's 5 year old daughter has been saving for one since she was 2.) Others may prefer Vera Bradley, or Dooney & Burke. Me? I prefer a good old Crimson Lily Bag.

You may remember that cute little zippered pouch I made for myself last week. Well, I've had this cute Moda fabric for a while now and it's been waiting for me to make it into a bag. So I did.
Last week I pulled out my sometimes-trusty walking foot and quilted the outer bag pieces in the style of one of my fave bloggers from Film in the Fridge. I then made one pleat in the center top of each.Today I decided it was time to turn this baby into something cool. I used some vintagey fabric that I think belonged to my great-grandmother for the lining, added inside pockets and a zipper, as well as hot pink leather-like handles and a key/wallet clip. Also, instead of doing the usual squared bottom, I sewed a crescent shape on each bottom corner for a funky look. It also helps it stand a little better and poofs out more.
I am so excited for this bag! I'm not usually a big bag kinda gal, but I was inspired by, you guessed it, a Coach bag...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pouches & Domesticity

I made another zippered pouch yesterday for my sister. She's 16 and likes yellow & purple as well as funky designs. She often watches the kids for me, so I owe her big time. I should probably make her about 12 more of these.

On another note, I have been incredibly domestic lately. My neighbor/landlord/best friend's mom is very much into organic and natural living. She had a wonderful bounty of tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage this season, as well as garlic, onions, and swiss chard. Since my aunt & uncle own a farm and Bobby & I often work for them, we have access to tons (literally) of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs. Jeanne (the neighbor) and I have been very busy making tomato sauce, pickles, and jams for the fridge & freezer. We have had to buy only a handful of ingredients (sugar, some spices, extra onions, pectin). It feels awesome to know that we are making the food that will help sustain our families throughout the winter.
This afternoon I will be shredding zucchini and cabbage for the freezer for future zucchini breads, cole slaws, and who knows what else.
Tomorrow, more pickles (refrigerator bread & butter pickles...Mmmmmm!).
We have been desperately trying to make our own tomato paste, to no avail. Today, it became chili sauce.
Oh! And Jeanne and her friend made homemade mozzarella cheese on Monday in 30 minutes. With the leftover whey, Jeanne made yummy bread today and we had tomato & cucumber sandwiches on fresh, warm, whey bread. Delish!
And now, I'm off to check on the pumpkin seeds I have roasting in the oven. I love this time of year!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's My Title?

As I sit here reading my ever-growing list of sewing blogs, I can't help but wonder what to call myself. What exactly does one who sews call herself anyway?
  • A Seamstress? - well yes and no. I'm not really one to make clothing, or even alter clothing for that matter. Yet my friend and neighbor seems to think that is what I am.
  • A Sewist? - ummmm, not really. This would imply that I am a great artiste. I get my inspiration and ideas from other people, therefore I feel that I need to give them the credit for being the artist.
  • A Sewer - NO. That's just wrong.
  • A Quilter - again, yes and no. I like to make quilts. I like to quilt fabric to make things that are not quilts. Yet I still have not finished the two major quilts that are sitting in my sewing closet.
  • A Purse-Maker/Designer - yes. I think this fits me the best. However, it doesn't sound all fancy and romanticized. I need more flair than that.

So I am still stuck. I guess for now I'll just be Missie-the girl who likes to make things with her sewing machine. Wait. Did I just call myself a girl? Shouldn't I be a lady? Or a woman? Geez, this is a never-ending cycle...

Chasing Cottons Blog Giveaway

I discovered Chasing Cottons a few weeks ago when Rebecca commented on one of my blog posts. I love her modern quilting style and designer's eye for color. She truly has inspired me as I browse through her blog.
Rebecca is giving away one of her new quilt patterns, Rolling Meadows, as well as some of the fabric with which to make this quilt. Since I never win anything (lol!) I entered her blog contest in hopes that this might be my lucky week! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zippered Pouch

I am an avid sewing blog reader. I find it inspirational to see what other extremely talented women around the world create on a daily basis. One of the blogs I frequent is Pink Penguin. Ayumi has a great technique for sewing zippers on pouches & bags, so I thought I'd try it out today. I used her Patchwork Wristlet Tutorial to make this awesome little pouch.
The outer bag is quilted with straight lines, alternating single & double lines, in both directions. I am so happy with it, and the technique, that I plan to make some as gifts in the near future. I also have a purse in the works to match it. It's actually going to be a small tote bag by the time I finish with it, but that's ok. I'm sure I'll find plenty of things with which to fill it ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I soooooo want an Accuquilt GO! It is a template "machine" that cuts your fabric in perfect quilty shapes. I have been wanting one for about a year and I just discovered that one of my favorite bloggers at a la mode fabric is having a giveaway of one of these beauties thanks to Accuquilt. Please let me win!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Addition

Now this isn't a crafty post at all. Sometimes I just have to post about life. Our life has become a little crazy in the past 2 days as we have a new addition to our family.

Meet Lily!!!!

She's our American Bulldog/Chocolate Lab mix and she is the most adorable, lazy, playful little pup ever. We love her!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd Grade Messenger Bag

Emma has been begging me to make her a new schoolbag this year. I guess the trusty LL Bean backpack just isn't cool anymore. So this morning I finally took the time to whip up this messenger bag for her. It's quite big for my petite 7 year old, but it will definitely hold her folders, lunchbag and library books. As I got started she informed me that it needed a heart-shaped pocket with her name on it. We compromised with the letter "E" in purple fuzzy leopard print. The outer bag is a home decor canvas and the lining is flannel. I also used interfacing as well as a thin layer of batting for stability. The strap is adjustable with 2 "square" rings. I am quite proud of this and may already have a request for 2 more for a friend's daughters. Woohoo!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Butterfly Bag

My friend's daughter turned 15 yesterday and tonight is her party. After asking around this morning I discovered that she likes green, blue, butterflies and purses.
Taadaa!!!!!!! Here's her new purse! It's based on the purse that I made for myself earlier this year and I've decided to call it the "Mili Purse". Get it? MIssie LInd....
I love this fabric from Hoffman. The pictures don't do it justice as the swirls and butterfly accents are actually silver, but you get the idea.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Birthday Purse

This one is for our friend, Gabby, who is turning 2 today. Hope she likes it! It's one of my gathered pouch purses which I'm thinking of renaming the "Girly Purse". What do you think?

Friday, July 23, 2010


Just a quick little post. I sewed some cute ladybug sleep shorts for myself the other day, but I really need to tweak the pattern a little. Pictures of those later. Here's a pic of the Moda Mix quilt in the yard as I attempted to sandwich the pieces together. I was going to pin it together, but then realized that I would be pinning the tarp into it as well. I really need a house with a large floor space just to make my quilts. Aaahhh, someday.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Purse

Here's a little purse I whipped up on Saturday afternoon for my friend's 16 year old. Her favorite color is purple and she likes Elmo, so I had this funky fuzzy purple leopard print fabric, and some Elmo fabric leftover from a dance bag I made her a few years ago. There is an outer pocket under the flap and the strap is adjustable. I'm quite sure she loved it! Now if I could just remember the dimensions......

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marie-Madeline Studio Blog Giveaway

So I love to frequent sewing and craft blogs. There are tons out there and I really enjoy perusing them on a daily basis, with my top 30 or so right in my Favorites folder.

However I came across marie-madeline studio today via another blog, via another blog. Funny how that happens!

Anyway, marie-madeline is giving away an awesome set of fat quarters so I of course would love to win them. (And I get 10 extra entries for posting about it here on my blog.)

So if you like fabric, check out the marie-madeline studio blog!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yoga Mat Bags

Back in May I started taking yoga classes again. For Mother's Day Bobby & the kids got me a new yoga mat, so of course I needed a bag for it. My prototype was the blue Amy Butler fabric with the flowers. I loved it! I knew that I had to eventually make more of these to sell, hopefully at the yoga studio.
Since I have yet to make enough to sell, I figured I had better get working on my actual pattern and dimensions. The original is lacking a carrying strap. Also, the bottom needed a little more reinforcement.
Today I decided it was time to make another. This new one would be for my neighbor, Jeanne. I found a piece of fabric from JoAnn's with apples and pears and found it to be perfect. So I made the appropriate changes and gave it to her this morning. She instantly put her mat in it and had her granddaughter (my surrogate niece) model it for me. I think I'll be making lots more of these in the near future.
I'll be happy to take orders....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Back

Today I pieced together the back of the Moda Mix Quilt. I guess I made the front a little bigger than originally intended, so when I was ready to sew the 2 tree pieces together for the back, I was actually about 11 inches short. So I took the leftover paisley print from the front, cut it into 3 equal strips, and added skinny strips of scraps from the front. As you can see, the long strip is now in the dead center of the back, which Bobby and I have actually agreed looks quite nice. This is one those quilts that we can flip over and show the back if we want to mix it up a little.
Now, the hard part. I have never actually made a large quilt "the right way" which means basting the quilt sandwich together with safety pins and then machine quilting it. Once the quilting is done I will need to make and attach the binding, preferably by machine rather than by hand as my hand goes numb when I hand-sew things. I know that I have the knowledge and ability to do all of this, but it's kind of an overwhelming task since it's the biggest quilt I have made to date. And I'm not so sure my little Singer can handle all the quilting. Oh well, I have all night to ponder this task. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

WIP- Moda Mix Quilt

Wow! 2 posts in one day already!

I just wanted to post a little teaser of a quilt that I have been working on since late fall of 2008. I did most of it at that time and it has been sitting in the closet ever since. Today, I finished the top and started working on the back. It is all Moda fabric from many of their various lines. I cannot wait for it to be done and on our bed so I can snuggle up with it. Here's a little sneak peek before it's all done.


Welcome to my new blog!

This blog is designed to showcase my sewing and craft works. I will add new pictures and posts as I create new and exciting (to me and, hopefully, to you as well) items. Hopefully soon I will also have my etsy shop up and running as well. I will post a link to that when the time comes.

For now, please enjoy what you will soon be seeing here. It may take me a few days, but I will begin posting my fun works of art very soon.

Thanks for reading and feel free to "follow" me if you like what you see.