Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paying It Forward

Scroll down and you will see former posts of purses I have made this year for a good college friend and her mom's American Legion Ladies' Auxiliary group (Girly Purse and Poppy Print Purse). After making these items, they commissioned me to make other items to sell at their local farmers' market. After making and sending some of these bags, etc. I received a call from my friend that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Her prognosos is good, however she's a single mom and this was the absolute last thing she needed to have happen to her. I felt helpless in that I don't live close to her to just stop by and help out. So I decided to donate my portion of the market items proceeds to her upcoming fundraiser. I also made a purse today to send along as well for the raffle that will be held that night.
She requested royal blue and this fabric jumped out at me. It reminds me a starry night sky and it sparkles, just like my friend does. It's not much, but it truly is the least I could do to help a friend who has done so much to help me.

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