Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Back

Today I pieced together the back of the Moda Mix Quilt. I guess I made the front a little bigger than originally intended, so when I was ready to sew the 2 tree pieces together for the back, I was actually about 11 inches short. So I took the leftover paisley print from the front, cut it into 3 equal strips, and added skinny strips of scraps from the front. As you can see, the long strip is now in the dead center of the back, which Bobby and I have actually agreed looks quite nice. This is one those quilts that we can flip over and show the back if we want to mix it up a little.
Now, the hard part. I have never actually made a large quilt "the right way" which means basting the quilt sandwich together with safety pins and then machine quilting it. Once the quilting is done I will need to make and attach the binding, preferably by machine rather than by hand as my hand goes numb when I hand-sew things. I know that I have the knowledge and ability to do all of this, but it's kind of an overwhelming task since it's the biggest quilt I have made to date. And I'm not so sure my little Singer can handle all the quilting. Oh well, I have all night to ponder this task. Tomorrow is another day.

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