Friday, September 24, 2010

The Christmas Quilt

Last Christmas I started a Christmas quilt for my mom (and dad). I spent December 23rd cutting squares and rectangles and strips and sewing them together into this quilt top.

I was able to give it to them on Christmas Eve, however I had to take it back, as it was just a top: no batting, no backing, no quilt.

Fast forward to yesterday, September 23rd- 9 months later. I have been working on many small, quick projects as of late. I realized that, since it was the first full day of fall, maybe my mom would want her quilt soon. After a brief discussion, she decided that she wanted it be a duvet cover for an older quilt that is starting to wear thin. I think the reason I have been putting it off is because I know I can't machine quilt a queen-size quilt on Diva (my Singer with a wicked attitude).

So, I started piecing together the remaining fabric left over from the front to make the back. I did have to run out to JoAnn's for a little extra, but I got it done. Today I sewed the front & back together and did a quick straight stitch all around. I also added a strip of Velcro to the bottom so that the old quilt doesn't fall out. ;)

Phew! It's done! And tomorrow, as we celebrate my son's 6th birthday, my mom (and dad) will finally be in possession of the Christmas (Duvet) Quilt. Yay!!


  1. Hi Missie, I've been waiting for you to email me your address Re my giveaway. Please do so ASAP. Thanks, Amelia

  2. I finally won a blog contest! And then I lost. I haven't been around blogland much in the past week as I have been working on my quilt, and I failed to see that I had won. Grrrr.....