Monday, September 13, 2010

What's My Title?

As I sit here reading my ever-growing list of sewing blogs, I can't help but wonder what to call myself. What exactly does one who sews call herself anyway?
  • A Seamstress? - well yes and no. I'm not really one to make clothing, or even alter clothing for that matter. Yet my friend and neighbor seems to think that is what I am.
  • A Sewist? - ummmm, not really. This would imply that I am a great artiste. I get my inspiration and ideas from other people, therefore I feel that I need to give them the credit for being the artist.
  • A Sewer - NO. That's just wrong.
  • A Quilter - again, yes and no. I like to make quilts. I like to quilt fabric to make things that are not quilts. Yet I still have not finished the two major quilts that are sitting in my sewing closet.
  • A Purse-Maker/Designer - yes. I think this fits me the best. However, it doesn't sound all fancy and romanticized. I need more flair than that.

So I am still stuck. I guess for now I'll just be Missie-the girl who likes to make things with her sewing machine. Wait. Did I just call myself a girl? Shouldn't I be a lady? Or a woman? Geez, this is a never-ending cycle...

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